Celebrating a Remarkable Mind

I have written before of Ryan’s love of hockey statistics, most especially the standings. Our house is littered with notebooks and sheets of paper full of hand-written, impeccably neat and entirely accurate NHL standings. They are accurate in every way imaginable. The total number of wins for the 30 teams equals the total number of […]

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(Another) Coach Who Gets It

One of the real bright spots of our summer so far has been Ryan’s participation in our town street hockey league. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, we had “the talk” with his coach before the season about Ryan’s diagnosis and challenges. He offered to meet at a coffee shop before the first […]

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An Eye for Detail

I have to remind myself to appreciate Ryan’s gifts — the things he not only does better than average, but extraordinarily well. It is hard, especially when he struggles. We spent part of Sunday at the town pool. For some reason, Ryan decided this summer that he no longer really enjoys being in the water. […]

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