A New Perspective

Every morning, Ryan gets up, heads downstairs and turns on NHL Network. He watches classic games, documentaries, last night’s highlights. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s hockey. Yesterday, on September 11, Ryan got up, headed downstairs, and turned on … the morning news. We didn’t ask him to. We didn’t tell him to. He […]

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Well That [Stunk]

Yesterday was no fun. Things started well. I actually got to sleep in a bit as I was burning a vacation day during the slowest part of my work year. But I awoke to find Ryan curled up on the couch, covered in blankets, watching a replayed game on NHL Network. And crying. He was […]

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It’s All In the Details

I don’t have the same gift for seeing the tiny details that Ryan does. Sometimes I only notice them on a second or third examination. When Ryan skated on the auxiliary rink at the NHL Winter Classic in Philadelphia in January I could hardly contain my excitement for him. I wanted to watch him enjoying […]

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