Technology Is Cool

Ryan and I went for a walk Sunday. I wanted to get out of the house and get some exercise. He wanted to get some pizza. So we set out for the pizza parlor about 20 minutes away. Ryan grabbed his phone — and his headphones. Music has become his constant companion. On any walk, […]

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At some point in the journey, every autism parent hears that people on the spectrum “lack empathy.” When our children are still young enough that we don’t know who they will become or how they will develop, we learn that they will likely never understand, or at least struggle to understand, the feelings of others. […]

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What’s That Song About?

Ryan is an old soul when it comes to music. Sure, he likes plenty of current pop, but he’s far more agreeable about classic rock than his sister. And, like his old man, he’s a big fan of U2. Ryan doesn’t just listen to music, though. He absorbs it. “Dad, what’s this song about?” is […]

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A Pleasant Non-Surprise

Ryan had his middle school choir concert this week, and it came off without a hitch. There my son stood, with all his classmates, stock-still on the risers singing four holiday-themed songs. He was an active participant, singing with emphasis and wanting to do a good job. This no longer surprises me, but it wasn’t […]

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