Conquering the Cargo Net

It was just a simple cargo net, made of chain, bridging perhaps five feet from the ground to a platform on the playground equipment of one of our local parks. I hated that cargo net. I hated it because Ryan could not, would not (and I know now, was not ready to) climb it. The […]

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We had a major milestone in our house this weekend. Ryan rode a bicycle for the first time in his life. My son is 12-and-a-half years old, so it’s safe to say this day was a long time coming. Well it was, and it wasn’t. Let me explain. Last spring, Ryan’s sister got up on […]

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Future Goals

Today, my little boy — who is not so little any more — graduates from elementary school. Nine years in the making. I still remember dropping him off at his first day of the wonderfully titled “preschool disabled” program at another elementary school in town. It was the day after his third birthday. We were […]

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