From a Tweet to the Pages of SI

A Sports Illustrated writer, inspired by a family’s celebratory hockey photo, asks his 84,000 Twitter followers a simple question: How many of you have a photo of the best moment of your life? How many of you have a photograph of the single best moment of your life? If so, what a gift. (HT: @sports_casters […]

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Well, There Was This

Happy Labor Day everyone. Just a short post for today as I suspect most people are staying as far away from their typically connected-all-the-time lives as possible. I know I am. If you’ve been reading here for a while, you may have picked up that as much as I love hockey, I am also more […]

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Grand Adventures, Part 2

<– If you haven’t yet, please read Part 1 Apologies for the cliff-hanger with Part 1. I’m not a huge fan of the “To Be Continued” either, but I was running out of time to finish up the post and I didn’t want to skimp on the details. It’s the details that matter most — […]

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Grand Adventures, Part 1

On the first full day of his life, I held a swaddled Ryan and rocked him for three-plus hours while I watched a college football game. Not just any college football game. A Michigan game. My school. My team. The school I was already dreaming of seeing Ryan attend. Maybe, just maybe, I dreamed of […]

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