The NHL season is complete, having ended Friday night when the Los Angeles Kings beat the New York Rangers in double-overtime in Game 5 to win the Stanley Cup. My job takes me on the road for the Cup Final. If any of the following sounds like complaining, that is unintentional. It is a privilege […]

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Possibility, and Heartbreak

Possibility. It is, perhaps, the thing I love most about sports. Each season, each game, each period, each shift, each shot — they’re all loaded with possibility. And in every season, when every team but one fails to win a championship, you learn to treasure possibility. It’s the thing that keeps sports fans coming back, […]

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Ryan Watching the Sharks

Ryan Watching the Sharks

Happy Memorial Day everyone. I’ll be spending the day thinking of those that serve and have served (including my dad) and not blogging. But I did want to share this image from last night.

The Sharks had a do-or-die Game 6 vs. the L.A. Kings last night. The game started at 8 p.m. our time, and since it wasn’t a school night, Ryan agreed to stay up and watch. We fully expected him to go to bed after the first period, but he surprised us by staying up for the entire thing — and was rewarded with a thrilling 2-1 Sharks win that forced Game 7. He even got to see Joe Thornton score a goal.

I’m so proud of him for sticking it out the entire game. I love watching him watch his favorite team. He’s such an animated, and knowledgeable, fan, but because of the time difference, he so rarely gets the opportunity. It was a pleasure to watch, and a perfect cap to our Memorial Day weekend Sunday.

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