Ryan on the Sharks hompeage

Ryan on the Sharks hompeage

That’s Joe Thornton. That’s my son. That’s the Sharks official Web site. That’s my son on the homepage of the Sharks official web site. Click photo to see the full story.

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Yes, NHL hockey is back, the season having begun Saturday, some three-plus months late due to a labor dispute. And I am confident in saying that no one was more excited than my son. Others may have equaled his excitement, but nobody surpassed it. Saturday, he planned to watch all 13 games, starting with a […]

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Of Rivals and Rivalries

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know by now that Ryan pays a lot of attention to the NHL. After flirting with being a fan of my favorite team, Washington, he has settled on the San Jose Sharks as his no. 1. The reasons why are not entirely clear. I tried to dissuade him […]

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