The Sharks and the DVR

When Ryan decided, all on his own, to become a San Jose Sharks fan, I tried to talk him out of it for a couple different reasons. One, he was moving on from my favorite team (the Washington Capitals) to a team that was basically its West Coast equivalent. The Sharks have authored a number […]

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The iPad Went Unused

A few weeks ago, we went to a friend’s house for a July 4 barbecue. Ryan didn’t want to go. The children at the party were mostly girls, and Ryan was quite certain he wanted nothing to do with them. As has become our custom, we told him to bring his iPad. We would prefer […]

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A Quick Study

Ryan has shown a lot more independence lately. From cooking his own meals, to putting himself to bed, we’ve seen clear growth in this area (and we’re not always happy about it — our “little” boy is not so little anymore!). Veronica determined to use some of their down time this summer to aid Ryan […]

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Pleading the Fifth

I knew it was the wrong decision, but I did it anyway. Ryan was angling to get his iPad back. The one he’d lost for cursing at his sister at bed time the night before in a very misguided attempt at humor. The consequence was to lose iPad privileges for the morning. And yet, there […]

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A Text From Ryan

I was flipping through the photo stream on my iPhone recently when I found a screen capture of a text message exchange that I had forgotten all about. It was a few a weeks ago, in the week after Hurricane Sandy rolled through New Jersey. Our kids were out of school the entire week and […]

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