Ryan’s IEP was Monday. Veronica baked. We picked up a Box of Joe from Dunkin’ Donuts. And we arrived armed with Veronica’s notes, and prepared for the first time to resist the removal of services, and to look deeper into the future than we’d ever been comfortable doing. These meetings have gotten easier over the […]

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IEP Week

It was IEP week for Team Ryan this week. And though these are emotionally draining affairs, over the years ours have tended to be quite cordial with mutually agreed upon outcomes. The emphasis is on “ours” in that sentence, of course. We recognize this is not everyone’s experience. Maybe we are just incredibly fortunate. Our […]

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One in Eighty-Eight

I’m sure there are a lot of blog posts with similar, if not identical, titles this morning. But it bears repeating until the numbers sink in. One in 88 children. One in 54 boys. A 78% increase over the past five years. In my state, the incidence is significantly higher. The numbers are so alarming, […]

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