All In

The soundtrack of our compact house often sounds like this: a constant pounding — two-finger, hunt-and-peck style — on the keyboard in Ryan’s room as he types his hockey stats. Music from his iPod speaker, usually early vintage U2. And lately, the squeaking of his Air Jordans on the hardwood floors. To all those sounds […]

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Photo Friday: Assistant Coach Ryan

Commuting time is my writing time, and since I will be taking many Fridays off during the brief hockey summer, I’m going to try to fill the Friday post void with photos.

Ryan aged out of the summer street hockey program, but his awesome Coach M agreed to let him help out, and even saved a team shirt for him. If you ask Ryan, he’s an assistant coach, maybe even the G.M. He made his début last night, keeping stats and cheering on the team to a 3-0 lead before the game was halted by lightning.

Ryan assistant coach
Ryan looks on in his role as assistant coach.
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My Traveling Companion

The last time Ryan had a triennial re-evaluation for ongoing eligibility for special services, the psychological profile including the following statement from the evaluator: The family has gone on many enjoyable trips to places like Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York City and Long Island. In the years since I could add the following: Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pa., […]

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I Am Ordering. Hear Me Roar

I had Riley and Ryan with me for Bring Your Child to Work Day yesterday. As I work in hockey, this has become sort of a second Christmas for our family. It’s also among the many, many activities that have gone from being absolutely terrifying to almost routine. Before I brought Ryan for the first […]

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Lullaby and Goodnight

Like many on the autism spectrum, Ryan craves routines. He has many, and collectively they form the pillars of his days. Everything from the time he gets up, to the breakfast he eats, to how he budgets his free time before school, to when he does his homework, to how he watches hockey in the […]

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