I Can See Clearly Now

Ryan is a creature of habit, never more so than where food is concerned. He likes a very select number of foods (though the list has been growing) and even fewer drinks. He hasn’t had a sip of orange or apple juice, at least not since he was old enough to express a preference. He […]

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A Break in Routine

Routines are very important in our house. Ryan is most definitely a creature of habit, and whatever routines he has at the moment are repeated daily. The thing is, sometimes the routines change, and when they do, it’s like the previous routine is completely forgotten. For approximately the last 10 years, Ryan has eaten Eggo […]

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He Understands. Do I?

I learn some remarkable things about my son, from my son. Sometimes I learn about him from the recycle bin or from his school folder. The other day, I spied a piece of paper sitting on the dining-room table. Turning it over, I read the following: GOAL LETTER Write a letter to yourself describing one […]

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