The Art of Not Giving a #!%*

We always try to balance conversations about autism with Ryan by discussing both strengths and challenges. But the reality is we spend a lot more time talking about the latter. That is also the case here, so today’s post is an attempt to level the scales just a little bit. Ryan cares what other people […]

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Goals: His vs. Ours

Goals can be a tricky thing. Their very nature implies looking ahead, sometimes way ahead, and that’s something we mostly try to avoid around here. Of course, for as much as we try to live in the moment, it’s impossible to avoid completely looking ahead, and that’s where things can get complicated. There is a […]

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Always Have a Goal

Our summer is in full swing. Both kids are adjusting to the routine of a new camp. So far, so good. Or, in Ryan’s case, so OK. He has enjoyed some of the activities, but doesn’t feel like he fits in — a continuing theme from the school year. Ryan has been talking about goals […]

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