In Need of a Reminder

It’s been a rough stretch in our little household. Though the last few days have been (relatively) calmer, this recent period has been marked by wild emotional swings, arguments too many to count, and yelling and fighting in abundance. It has been one of those time periods that makes Veronica and I ask often, “Why […]

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When You Can’t Fix It

My son has issues with frustration. When a situation is beyond his control, he is sometimes unable to process the outcome that is not to his liking. The result, more often than not, is a meltdown. These moments are frustrating for all of us. Yesterday afternoon, I found myself on one of end of a […]

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Wrenches – Big and Small

One thing I’ve learned in a decade of parenting a child on the autism spectrum: You learn to anticipate, but you still never know what will throw your child off kilter. And nothing is ever truly in the past. I guess that’s more than one thing, but you get the point. You do your best […]

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This Is Hard

The school year is ending. There will be a new school next year. Anxiety is running high (among the parents — even higher with the son.) One doctor thinks he should stop taking meds. Another thinks he should continue. Behavior is very trying. Lots of resistance and outright refusal to do what has been asked. […]

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Season’s End

In a lot of ways I have a very traditional marriage. I work full-time, Veronica works part-time. She cooks and does the vast majority of the housework. She does the grocery shopping. I manage the finances. I used to cut the grass until I got lazy enough to pay someone to do it for me. […]

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