With the Boys

The other day I mentioned that we recently allowed both kids to join Instagram, with certain provisions. It was Riley that initiated the request, and she has jumped in with both feet, instantly connecting with dozens of classmates and peers. We were surprised that Ryan was so enthusiastic about the idea as well, but a […]

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The Drop-Off

Today we celebrate another small victory, another small sign of progress that might have otherwise slipped past unnoticed, were it not for the lens that I have learned to use to view such things. Where to begin? Because there are no Little Things, let me count all the bits of awesomeness this weekend included. Ryan […]

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Questioning the Path

There are moments in this autism journey that make us question the path we have pursued for our child. As that child grows and matures and becomes more expressive, more self-aware and shows signs of self-advocacy, we have more input than ever to guide our decision-making. Only all the extra input doesn’t necessarily make the […]

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Self Awareness Cuts Both Ways

This is not the post I wanted to write this morning. We’re just back from an incredibly successful vacation — the best one yet of the three straight years we have spent a week at the same condo unit in the Outer Banks. It was full of family time, activities, glorious weather, relaxation and for […]

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Waiting For a Friend

It was a small gesture — but it meant so much. Last night was the first game of Ryan’s street-hockey season. He’s back with the same coach that led them to the championship last season, and very excited. When I think back to how far we’ve come since the first year he went out for […]

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