The Best Birthday Yet

You’re a parent. Maybe you have a child on autism spectrum or with other special needs. Maybe you don’t. What do you think of when you hear the phrase “birthday party?” Do you smile and think of your kid surrounded by friends for a few hours on a weekend afternoon? Do you shudder and think, […]

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Questioning the Path

There are moments in this autism journey that make us question the path we have pursued for our child. As that child grows and matures and becomes more expressive, more self-aware and shows signs of self-advocacy, we have more input than ever to guide our decision-making. Only all the extra input doesn’t necessarily make the […]

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Ryan, Are You Coming?

Wherever we go, my daughter makes friends. She surveys the scene, seeks out girls her own age, walks right up and starts a conversation. These “friends” may last a day, a week, or years, but the point is they occupy her time. On the rare occasions she can’t find peers, she’s bored — and let’s […]

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