Happy Labor Day

In our part of the world, Labor Day marks the final countdown to the start of the new school year, and anxiety is running high (and that’s just with the parents!). So we will take today to spend with each other and enjoy the few days we have left of what has been a really […]

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A Passion, Reignited

By the time this week is done, I will have played hockey three times in three nights, at three different rinks, and with three different groups of people. I doubt I have done this since high school. Beyond apologizing to Veronica for leaving her with the kids (sorry honey!) I also want to thank three […]

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Connecting With Cousins

So, about that recent visit to Veronica’s extended family? Sure, we had some challenges. But there was an awful lot of good. It’s a trip we’ve taken just about every year since our kids were very young. The house is always overflowing with kids, presents and food. The kids all play together, but Ryan was […]

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