The Best Birthday Yet

You’re a parent. Maybe you have a child on autism spectrum or with other special needs. Maybe you don’t. What do you think of when you hear the phrase “birthday party?” Do you smile and think of your kid surrounded by friends for a few hours on a weekend afternoon? Do you shudder and think, […]

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The Progress Is All Around Us

Sometimes when you’re in the thick of the day-to-day, you fail to notice significant changes that are happening right in front of you. Most of this NHL season, Ryan had a routine. After finishing his homework and eating dinner, he would head to the basement to watch hockey, by himself. He said he preferred it […]

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XIII Years in the Making

Yesterday’s Super Bowl XLVIII, played just a few miles from us at MetLife Stadium, was a dud. It was a throwback to the Super Bowls of my teen years, when the Broncos or the Bills or some other hapless AFC opponent was seemingly getting trounced every year. The Seahawks led, 2-0, after 12 seconds. Any […]

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