Autism Awareness Day 2014

It is World Autism Awareness Day 2014. I did not wear a blue puzzle piece this morning. Veronica and I chose to move on from supporting Autism Speaks last fall. Our choice was a personal one. Others feel differently and I respect that choice. As much as we want tolerance and acceptance for our children […]

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You’re On Notice

Life with autism is often described as a roller coaster — long, slow steady uphill followed by precipitous drops. Lately, ours has resembled more of a fever chart, as Ryan’s moods spike wildly between happiness and explosive anger, with very little in between. Whenever there is a sudden change in behavior, we go searching for […]

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What the Bus Carries

Today is the first day of school. For Ryan, not yet 12, it is his 10th!?!? first day, including three years of special-needs and inclusion pre-K at one of the other elementary schools in our town. You would think it would be old hat for all of us by now, but it is most definitely […]

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