This Is Hard

The school year is ending. There will be a new school next year. Anxiety is running high (among the parents — even higher with the son.) One doctor thinks he should stop taking meds. Another thinks he should continue. Behavior is very trying. Lots of resistance and outright refusal to do what has been asked. […]

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The Roller Coaster Thing

Lots of parents of kids on the autism spectrum talk about their lives as a “roller-coaster ride” — and it certainly is full of ups and downs. Then again, so are most people’s lives. What makes this metaphor particularly apt is that not only does a roller coaster go up and down, but the it […]

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Getting What You Ask For

Today’s blog will be picture-heavy and word-light, owing in part to the fact I have only nine functioning fingers after playing hockey last night. I blocked a shot attempt with the tip of my middle finger, which is now grotesquely swollen and largely useless. It’s a good thing I sit and type at a computer […]

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