Progress: Of Body, and Mind

I took Ryan to evaluations for his hockey house league program two weekends ago. I no longer fear these the way I once did. I watched Ryan do what he normally does. He followed instructions. He tried his best. He was close to the back of the pack in some of the skating drills. At […]

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Tales From the Recycle Bin

Ryan is very independent about doing his homework. He usually comes home from school, has a snack, and begins working on it promptly at 4 p.m. without being asked. Only if he gets stuck on something will be even show us what he is working on. More often, he completes his assignments and puts everything […]

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Ryan, In His Own Words

I can think of many ways to describe my son. He’s intelligent, loving, considerate, passionate, handsome, determined. But I’m not sure I could do a better job describing him than he did himself, in one of his first homework assignments of the new school year: Journal Entry #1 Write a description of yourself that would […]

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