Water Without Lemon

My recent adventure with Ryan included one meal at an honest-to-goodness, your-server-will-be-with-you-momentarily, restaurant. We were going to eat dinner at the game before Ryan decided he preferred the chain pizza/bistro attached to our hotel. Determined to mind the lessons from Bring Your Child to Work Day, I reminded myself to avoid intervening when the waitress […]

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The Best Text of All

Teaching Ryan to text and use a cell phone has been somewhat a work in progress. This year we got him a phone for school. We explained that kids his age communicate mostly by text message. That was enough to sway him — from complete indifference to mild interest — in owning a phone. I […]

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The Gift of Focus

Ryan loves the ABC show Wipeout. I don’t blame him. I love the show too. It’s impossible to not laugh at the contestants as they take spills throughout the course, and the cornball, over-the-top commentary from John Anderson and John Henson is hilarious. Like everything with Ryan, there are some unique aspects to the way […]

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