We’re Talking About Practice

Ryan was ambivalent about going to his regular weekly hockey practice on Tuesday. To discover why required a bit of parental detective work. Ryan was originally supposed to miss the practice for his school’s winter concert, which was part of his music grade. Except we got a dose of snow on Tuesday and the concert […]

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So this has been kind of a crappy week. Bullying issues at hockey and at school. Or water heater broke on and flooded the basement on Tuesday. I had to run out and buy a new dryer on Friday. Michigan posted its latest ugly loss on Saturday. This morning, Ryan got up at 6 a.m., […]

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Keeping It Clean

Ryan’s spontaneous decision to play hockey a few years ago got me back on skates for the first time in nearly a decade. In the years since, I resumed playing pickup hockey and joined an adult league team — an invitation Veronica actually arranged with the parent of another child in Ryan’s social skills group. […]

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Back On the Horse

Watching Ryan play hockey has given me a lot of proud moments. The first time he attended a hockey clinic, the first time he scored a goal in a three-on-three, cross-ice, no-goalie scrimmage (and celebrated like he’d won the Stanley Cup), his first goal in a “real” game. This. This. This. But I don’t know […]

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