The One Who Isn’t Here

I’m at TD Garden in Boston today, site of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks. I’m here for work, which means I’m apart from my wife and children. I’m not complaining. I am incredibly lucky to have a job in a field that I love that provides […]

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Reordering His Own World

There is a theme to many of the posts on this blog. Ryan will always find ways to maintain his routines, even when we change his surroundings. Monday’s post, in which Ryan found a way to watch NHL highlights while playing at the Winter Classic, reminded me of a similar situation on one of our […]

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Of Rivals and Rivalries

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know by now that Ryan pays a lot of attention to the NHL. After flirting with being a fan of my favorite team, Washington, he has settled on the San Jose Sharks as his no. 1. The reasons why are not entirely clear. I tried to dissuade him […]

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