Trust Me, They Hear Your

Ryan recently celebrated his birthday. Because he’s all about social media these days, he was very excited to receive birthday best wishes on Instagram.  I got in on the act early, quickly searching my phone at breakfast for an old photo of the two of us that I could post with a birthday message for him. […]

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The Best Birthday Yet

You’re a parent. Maybe you have a child on autism spectrum or with other special needs. Maybe you don’t. What do you think of when you hear the phrase “birthday party?” Do you smile and think of your kid surrounded by friends for a few hours on a weekend afternoon? Do you shudder and think, […]

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It’s the Thought That Counts

I had a birthday the other day. Not a milestone one, but rather a run-of-the-mill, another-year-older-and-slower one. I was thrilled when Veronica and the kids “surprised” me at the train station after work and took me to dinner at the local diner. It was a perfect cap to a low-key day — a meal with […]

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A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Clues

We celebrated Ryan’s birthday this weekend with a wonderful gathering of family and friends. He was socially engaged, guiding all the kids — and even some of the adults — in games of backyard hockey. He got lots of sports gifts. His San Jose Sharks-themed room got even more Sharks-ier with a new team comforter. […]

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