Guest Post: This Is Why

ED. NOTE: My blogging career began with a guest post at Diary of a Mom. That came about after I sent an email to Jess in response to one of her posts, and she read it and said she wanted to expose her readers to it. Saturday night, an amazing story arrived in my email. […]

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(Another) Coach Who Gets It

One of the real bright spots of our summer so far has been Ryan’s participation in our town street hockey league. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, we had “the talk” with his coach before the season about Ryan’s diagnosis and challenges. He offered to meet at a coffee shop before the first […]

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The Signs of Progress Are There

It has been, at best, an uneven summer. Ryan is managing his anxiety about moving to a new school in the fall. He tolerates camp, although “likes” would be too strong. On off days from camp, he tolerates going to the town pool. On the other side, we continue to deal with challenging behaviors: defiance, […]

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