Autism Advocacy Done Right

Normally an email like the one I received yesterday from Veronica that says “I got a call from [Ryan’s case manager]. Call me,” would be cause for a five-alarm freak out. Thankfully Veronica knows me well enough to add, “nothing bad.” When I called her, she related the story. There was an autism awareness assembly […]

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Autism Awareness Day 2015

I wasn’t going to write anything to mark World Autism Awareness Day this year. This morning, Facebook was kind enough to remind me of what I posted one year ago today. I re-read that post, and still agree with pretty much everything I wrote. But last night, Riley mentioned that she needed to wear blue […]

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Autism Awareness Day 2014

It is World Autism Awareness Day 2014. I did not wear a blue puzzle piece this morning. Veronica and I chose to move on from supporting Autism Speaks last fall. Our choice was a personal one. Others feel differently and I respect that choice. As much as we want tolerance and acceptance for our children […]

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