I’m Listening

John Elder Robison is one of the most thoughtful voices in the autism community. So when he speaks, I pay attention. I like to think I have a pretty good understanding of autism, at least of the variety that has touched my family. But I do not, nor would I ever pretend to, know how […]

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Living, Not Existing

This is not a post that I look forward to writing. When it comes to the controversy in the autism community surrounding Autism Speaks, I have found the best policy for me has been to avoid the shouting. The sometimes deep divides in the autism community trouble me. And my own beliefs on autism have […]

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Does She Know?

I hear the sound before my eyes discover its source. It is the low hum of a child, steady and unwavering. It is not troubled or pained, just persistent. I recognize it immediately, because I know it¬†intimately. It was the soundtrack of Ryan’s youth. I search the airport gate for its source. Despite the lack […]

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Autism Something Month

I was going to avoid writing about Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month and World Autism Awareness Day altogether. I didn’t think I had anything worthwhile to add to the discourse, a lot of which disappoints me. I understand some of the divide in the autism community. When you have a disorder under a single umbrella that covers […]

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