Leaving His Mark

We spent part of the long Memorial Day weekend with my parents, who live about an hour from us. They also live very close to my brother and his family, including Ryan and Riley’s three cousins on this side of the family. It was a wonderful weekend. Ryan was more engaged with his cousins than […]

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With the Boys

The other day I mentioned that we recently allowed both kids to join Instagram, with certain provisions. It was Riley that initiated the request, and she has jumped in with both feet, instantly connecting with dozens of classmates and peers. We were surprised that Ryan was so enthusiastic about the idea as well, but a […]

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I’m Listening

John Elder Robison is one of the most thoughtful voices in the autism community. So when he speaks, I pay attention. I like to think I have a pretty good understanding of autism, at least of the variety that has touched my family. But I do not, nor would I ever pretend to, know how […]

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Happy Instagramming

I knew this day was coming. Riley, having recently reached the age at which I’d promised her she could get an Instagram account, was busy counting followers and likes and creating the perfect selfie. I felt good about holding out for a few years, and her account came with some provisions — which Riley came […]

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