Photo Friday: In the Mix

Family Wiffle ball
Ryan at bat as Riley pitches and their cousins play the field

This is my favorite photo from our Memorial Day weekend visit to my parents. After we had a big family dinner on Saturday we (the adults, cordoned off in the dining room) noticed that the kitchen, where the five cousins were seated, had gone quiet.

I went outside to investigate, where I found all of them engaged in a game of Wiffle ball in the front yard. Ryan was as engaged as any of them, despite the fact that the game was not of his choosing.

It was not lost on me that I was watching them play one of my favorite childhood games in the exact same spot where I used to play it with my friends.

I joined in, because I love Wiffe ball, not because my presence was needed. They were just fine without me, thank you. It was a perfect capper to a great visit, one in which Ryan could consistently be found playing various sports and games with the other kids with little if any coaxing — in marked contrast to previous visits.

The weekend would continue with Ryan scoring his first goal of the spring hockey season, in front of his grandparents. As long weekends go, it will be a tough one to top.

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This Post Brought To You by Snowpocalypse 2015

The weather and I don’t agree on my need to get home from the NHL All-Star Game, so this post is brought to you from somewhere on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

As a result, we’ll be keeping this one short and sweet.

Sorry, kids, no souvenirs from this trip unless you count these photos. These are the all-star celebs my kids are most interested in: SJ Sharkie and Fall Out Boy. I bet you can figure out which kid cares about which.



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Photo Friday: Sharknado 3

Ryan in his Sharks hat
Hey Jumbo – Ryan is ready to watch you play this weekend.

No time to write this morning. That’s what midnight beer-league hockey will do to you. We have a BIG weekend planned. The San Jose Sharks have come to the northeast, and we’ll be seeing them live against the Devils on Saturday and the Rangers on Sunday. So Ryan’s choice for “hat day” at school was an easy one.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Go Sharks!

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Photo Friday: How We Roll

Walking with Ryan
On a walk with Ryan

Ryan and I were home together the entire day. We were supposed to play pickup ice hockey today but a misplaced helmet (later located) scuttled those plans.

So we instead we ran some errands, went out for a pizza lunch and went to a nearby walking trail for some exercise. Ryan insisted on bringing his iPod, so I brought mine. Together, we banged out a 3.5-mile walk, managing to carry on a pleasant conversation despite the headphones and music.

That’s what I call a full day.

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