Autism Advocacy Done Right

Normally an email like the one I received yesterday from Veronica that says “I got a call from [Ryan’s case manager]. Call me,” would be cause for a five-alarm freak out. Thankfully Veronica knows me well enough to add, “nothing bad.” When I called her, she related the story. There was an autism awareness assembly […]

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The Best of You

We’ve been here before. Two years ago, on this same sheet of ice, in fact. Ryan’s team made the pee wee house league championship game. The contest was tied through regulation and overtime before they fell in a shootout. Ryan’s disappointment was somewhat tempered when he was named the most improved player of the entire […]

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Making Hockey Hold Still

“Hockey won’t hold still for a portrait.” The words are not mine, but they echo in my head as if they were. I am trying to force myself to take a mental picture of all that we are experiencing, so that I may remember it forever. So that I may capture and describe it later. […]

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It’s Friday the 13th — but I’m excited, not afraid. You know why? Here’s a few hints. Exciting things are afoot, but I don’t have time to write about them just now. More soon.

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