A Fragile Calm

When I was maybe 10 or 11 years old, I read a book called The Masked Marvels about some of the best catchers in the history of Major League Baseball. It was one of those school-age chapter books, probably acquired from a Scholastic book sale. I still remember the cover, with a photo of Milwaukee’s […]

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Island Time

This morning, I made my train by about 45 seconds, after a twenty-minute walk. In other words, I timed it perfectly. When I get off the train on which I am writing this post, I will walk uptown in New York, mostly on the edge of the streets, because, well, the sidewalks just move too […]

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You Lost Me at Hyperbole

The scene: Friday night, nearing 10 p.m., in the family car on the way to my parents’ house. Veronica and I had a wedding to attend a few hours away this weekend and my parents graciously agreed to take the kids. We opted to go down Friday night and save us an hour off our […]

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Hope and Game Seven

Sometime after midnight tonight, I will tiptoe into Ryan’s room. I will kneel at his bedside, brush his hair from his face, and gently prod him awake with my hand. He will bolt upright in bed, because that is how he always wakes up — instant on, ready to go, 100 miles per hour. The […]

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The Gathering Storm

All of the ingredients were there. If form held, they would combine with anxiety to form a toxic stew, one that can paralyze my child, turn his favorite activity into the enemy, and take him to a place where he is hard to reach. I eyed the brewing storm from a short distance, waiting to […]

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