The Best of You

We’ve been here before. Two years ago, on this same sheet of ice, in fact. Ryan’s team made the pee wee house league championship game. The contest was tied through regulation and overtime before they fell in a shootout. Ryan’s disappointment was somewhat tempered when he was named the most improved player of the entire […]

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A Window in Time

Ed. Note: I’m one of those people who has 50,000 emails in their work inbox at any given time, going back about five years. I was searching for something from that time period the other day, when I stumbled upon the following. It was a blog post I wrote, but never published (nor quite finished) […]

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Here’s a little something to brighten up your day. I posted this on the blog’s Facebook page last night, but it needs a fuller airing.  Meet Cammy, a young Chicago Blackhawks fan. Cammy was born unable to walk or speak. But she loves the Blackhawks. Just ask her, she’ll tell you — since as we […]

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The Narrow Path

There’s a look. We know it well. It’s one of anguish, fear, concern, and pain that is just short of physical. It is the unwelcome face of anxiety. It is accompanied by both physical (a stiffened body) and behavioral (defiant, bordering on manic, activity and trouble sleeping) markers. We’ve seen this look too much recently […]

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